2 years. 2 brilliant years.


I am not going to linger on the idea of wedding bliss… in all honestly, marriage is one hard thing to do well… but it’s worth every hurdle. I can frankly say that the last two years have been the most difficult yet the most amazing of my life.

Two years ago, Robin and I got married and this is a little bit how bubblerock truly started. When I was doing my research for our wedding, I met incredible people all around the World and fell in love with the Industry. We have always filmed. We have always loved it but we got into the motion of filming truly as bubblerock around the time we started planning our wedding because in our research for our perfect celebration, we discovered amazing talents and opportunities; and we wanted to be a part of it.

There are too many people I would like to thank when it comes to making our wedding day such a special one (and the days before and after too) but let’s say that marrying Robin was not only one of the best decisions I have made but it has also made me connect with some people who have become such amazing friends to us, whilst strengthening the bonds we had with those friends we had known for so long already.

I’d love to thank all our friends and family for being so freakin’ amazing… and well, I DO…

But right now, despite the fact I will totally forget so many people, I would like to thank a little handful who helped create such a fun day… FIRST, Andre and Sofia from Branco Prata. If you had told me I would be flying my photography and design team all the way from Portugal, I would have laughed at you. Though: we did. And that was the best decision we made. Andre is fantastic. It’s not just the photos, it’s the experience, the attitude, the passion and professionalism. The pictures themselves are almost (almost!) secondary to what the day is when you hang out with him. He is truly our superman.

And Sofia is the sweetest and one of my biggest inspiration, to this day. She has shown me more about passion and hardwork than a lot of people have in my entire life. Her dedication and totally positive outlook on life have been the biggest breath of fresh air in our planning. She is fanstatic beyond words and has become more than a friend. She is a sister to me. I would do absolutely anything for her. I love her to bits.

Newlywed Jacin was still considering the possibility of a career change back when she did something for our wedding and I am so glad she did when I see the truly incredible events she puts together now. Had I known her a little longer before our wedding, I would have flown her, without a doubt as well, to work on our wedding day and from the day of our wedding I promised myself that I would renew our vows JUST so I can have Jacin planning an design the event… (Jacin put the little menus together with some cute embossing)

We wanted our wedding to be remembered as a relaxed and fun day. And I think we achieved it and it was fantastic. It was just a series of great moments, some good laughs, dancing under the lights and stars, playing some “French” games, and just having a good time.

There is no doubt this day was one of the best of our lives and we are so happy that we have amazing/fun pictures that truly represents how crazy/amazing this day was and we would never ever underestimate the power of having the right people capturing those moments. They are today completely priceless.

Happy Anniversary to my husband whom I couldn’t simply live without.

And because I can, here are some pictures we have never shared before of the crazy stuff we got up to, too. In a way, you get to see who we truly are… And also take a moment to watch the little film I put together to thank my gorgeous friends for being a part of this incredible adventure with us.

and the film…

All images by Andre Teixeira, brancoprata. Film shot and edited by bubblerock.

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  1. Steph, you and Robin have been on such an amazing journey from day one. I loved seeing your wedding photos the first time I laid eyes on them but seeing them again brings them to a whole new level. Happy anniversary, you love birds :)

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