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New Year’s day is really just another day but it always comes loaded with a huge amount of remembering the past and looking at the future. And well, with 2011 having come to an end, you cannot help but analyse the year that’s been and think about what you want to achieve in the year to come.

In terms of resolutions and plans, I am one of those who think that I don’t want to wait a year to make new plans, set new goals, and write out resolutions: it is a work in progress, every single day. But I generally think about the ups and downs in the year that’s been and think about where I would like to be in the year ahead. That, I cannot avoid.

2011: a grand year in all its glory and challenges.

First, we married on a fine February day with many of my family and friends who travelled from far to be here with us: it was magical, unforgettable, and totally made 2011 a year worth living (well, Robin makes every year a year worth living – awww).

Photo by Branco Prata.

Bubblerock was also properly set up in 2011: we got more involved, met new people, captured more moments, and even traveled the world for it. How can we ever forget flying to Mexico to capture Mel & Mark’s wedding day, whilst making some of our best of friends? We added to this trip a few days in LA and then in San Francisco, hanging out with one of my favourite ladies of all times: Jacin and her super husband Pat at the Fitzgerald Inn (their home): best place ever!

In 2011, I reconnected with a long-lost friend: Aurelie-Anne. We were best friends back when we were 12 and had lost touch when I moved away from New Caledonia and we totally randomly ended up reconnecting in the most ridiculously remote and unvisited place in New Caledonia: what were the odds? Well, there we were: incredible.

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Also this year, I got to catch up with my dad THREE times. I mean, come on! He does live on the other side of the world so that’s not bad at all, although the third time was not in the best of conditions (for me) but THANK YOU papa for being there for me at one of the hardest times of my life. It meant the world to me. You are the best.

And 2011 was ones of the most inspiring years of my life: I met some incredible people who I dare call my friends. Some I have met in the flesh, some I am yet to have a vino with; but I have been surrounded and very supported by a bunch of very inspiring, amazing individuals who give me a boost everyday. I never thought I could make some of my best friends, online. (yes!).

  • Aleah is a hard-working, fun, supporting girl from San Diego: she and hubby Nick are a duo who create magic and enjoy every step of the way. They have been one of my biggest sources of motivation this year.
  • Jacin is one of the most talented persons I know and I am so glad I can call her friend. She has the wittiest sense of humour, one of the best energies I know, and she just gives me a boost everytime I see her or hear from her, and read about her. Incredible girl.
  • Mel+Mark: you both are truly some of the most generous, fun, happy, giving people I know and I cannot wait to catch up with you again in 2012. Oh please.
  • Kate has shown that having dreams and great ideas and working hard to achieve them is the best thing you could do. Yes, she is talented, but she also takes risks, has brilliant ideas, and just does it. From amazing stationery to an impressive Online E-mag full of gorgeousness (and created with another bunch of girls who inspired me this year): all I can think of is WOW.
  • I have also met some girls online who have totally taken my heart: Lucia, Wilma-Rose, Rhi (I am flying you to take care of my girl cave), Lena, McKay, Alicia, Victoria + Claire (fellow 2011 brides), Casie, Erin, Abby, Naomi, Kismet, Christina, Greer, Tiana… and I know I have missed many of you that should really be named for having been amazing people to interact with in 2011 and inspiring me to work hard, be better and just keep true to myself so I am sorry if my tired brain didn’t name you! xoxo
  • And New Zealand has some of the best, freshest and most genuine photographers I got to know (and totally admire): Coralee & Alex, Ellie & James, Hannah & Jasmine, Greta, Jodi, Jo, Keri-Anne, and I know I will get to work and meet a whole bunch of great other people in 2012, and we cannot wait.
  • I cannot forget one of the craziest/fun person I have met back in 2010 but who was, like me, a 2011 bride: Allison. Love you big time girl. There are people like that, I just can connect with and relate to: you are one of them.
  • Et un petit clin d’oeil a mes petites francaises: Amy, Caroline, Clem, Julie, Nessa, Veronique, Christine… Merci les filles pour faire de 2011 une annee que je ne pourrais pas oublier.

And I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning two of my favourite people in the whole world: they showed me that hardwork and passion were the most important things in life, with being genuine and giving in all I do. They have given me a new lease on life, brought many tears of joy and laughter into my world, changed me for the best and have become simply family: Sofia and Andre – without you, this year wouldn’t have been half the year it was. I love you both like family, truly.

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So to 2012: a year I wish to be more inspired, more accomplished, more giving, more genuine. I want to have more laughs, more moments with Robin and my family and friends, I want to give something big to someone at least once or twice (or more), I want to see Bubblerock go global, and I have a little personal project I hope to finally be able to achieve (please, pretty please).

I wish you all a successful, fun, joyous, healthy, and totally bubblerocking year!

9 thoughts on “Happy 2012

  1. You are SUCH an amazing lady Steph and thank you so much for adding me in your special list because you definitely fall in mine! Never knew it would be twitter to bring us together but I am sure we would’ve connected otherwise as well- we are meant to know each other! :)

    Can’t wait for the day I get to meet you and Robin-it should be either when you come to India or we come to NZ. Either way- it should be SOON!
    Happy New Year.Lots of Love xx

  2. It has been a great pleasure meeting you guys too! Looking forward to working together for the first time this year! You guys ROCK!!

  3. Happy New Year BubbleRock! You were such a wonderful part of our 2011 and can’t wait to share many more fun times with you this year. Your joie de vivre is both infectious and addictive – I shall be getting my fix again asap! xx

  4. Steph, you are the sweetest. You are inspiring and a dear friend. Your support and vision and zest for life are all incredible. We’re so very happy to call you a friend. Cheers and here’s hoping to a most wonderful 2012! xo A + N

  5. Such a beautiful post, and a truly special year. So glad we’ve stolen each others’ hearts this year, and I can’t wait to share much more love in 2012!

  6. Steph… thank you so much!! What an honour to be included in this list… honestly I don’t feel worthy of such kind accolades! Bubblerock has come a long way in the past twelve months and I’m confident it will make further leaps and bounds this year!! Here’s to a fabulous 2012 xo

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