Mel+Mark love story over on Style Me Pretty


Being featured on Style Me Pretty Destination today just makes me reflect on what was one of the amazing experiences of my life.

Where to begin? I think this post will be one that will have to be constantly updated to add all those details, emotions that I cannot remember all at once (as I wake up and before heading out the door) – not so long ago, Robin and I got to travel all the way to Mexico to film the wedding of two people who became some of our closest friends: Mel and Mark. It all started with me posting a little film I made for my friends about our wedding, almost a year ago (how appropriate in fact). Mel commented on the post and we joked since then that we should come to Mexico to capture their wedding day and beyond. And as we know: it happened.

Two of my favourite people in the world: Mel and Jacin.

And today, you can see this wonderful experience it has been for us by heading over to Style Me Pretty Destination and have a peek into Mel+Mark’s wedding, their tequila tasting rehearsal (how cool is that!) and maybe you will be able to see why I am feeling those two love birds and their family of friends are so special.

And the fact that I got to work alongside someone I truly respect and admire: Jacin from Lovely Little Details was the icing on the cake. Magical. I don’t know of any word strong enough to tell what this experience means to me.

Tune back in as I surely will be updating this post with more emotional outpouring… but in the meantime, head over to Style Me Pretty and show Mel+Mark some love… They worked hard at making this day so special  (helped by fairy godmother Jacin!!) – show them some love indeed.

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