And the NZ winner is…


First and foremost: thank you all for participating. There were some really awesome ideas in there which makes choosing three wildcards near impossible!! But I will manage!!

However, the has spoken and it’s entry number #5 that made it: Andrea and Jiarn have won themselves a little film shoot!! Congratulations your guys.
Make sure to go and check their entry. It was such a nice poem and I am guessing they are keen for some old Hollywood glamour in their little film.
Andrea and Jiarn, make sure to email me so we can start discussing details!

BUT, I told you guys I wanted to have some wildcards (the day I posted the blog post, I think I was in a good mood!)… so without further ado, here are my wildcards and it’s been hard to choose. REALLY hard. But I had to.

WILDCARD entries are – #1 Greer | #3 Samantha  | #7 Melissa

I have created three images on our facebook page for each of those three wildcards with their little story. The picture that gets more likes on Facebook by Monday 25th June at 12pm is our second winner!!! Super simple!…

For those who didn’t win or didn’t get a second chance, please make sure to email me. We never know, maybe we can work something out with you to thank you for participating. We never know. If those projects are important to you, they will be to us!

And thank you again for your continuous support and everything. It means the world to us!!!

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