Friday Fonts {8} – Something Scripted


So for this Friday, I will do something simple (actually, I tried it so many times, it didn’t end up being simple at all).

I came across something really fun that you, font lovers (and calligraphists) might totally like – and maybe do not know yet… Or maybe I am just one or two bandwagons too late!…

Anyway I stumbled across this really cool website called Writingfonts, where you can upload your own script/handwritten letters and make it into, well, a font! Continue reading »

Friday Fonts {7} – Friends



Today, I could show you amazing, fun fonts (and tell you what they are) but the reality is: today I want to show you that beautiful typography can also carry a beautiful message.

Friday I’m in love has so much meaning to me (and Robin). The Cure was one of Sarah’s favourite bands so this beautiful typography work has so much meaning today – it’s FridayFont and it’s typography with a meaning – Sarah, I think about you. I miss you. Continue reading »

Friday Fonts {6} – Research


So, I am not going to hide it: we are ‘re’-branding! (well, considering we never really branded… rebranding is a big word) – anyway, I was surfing the web the other night for fonts inspiration and I got an overload! A serious overload :) but a happy one!

I fell in love more than one and I have saved more than one option…

Here is a small selection of fonts I could be happy to buy: for branding or not-branding purpose… I will surely have to find a reason why not to buy any of those! haha!

Not that any of those will be used but what’s your favourite? Just out of interest… After all, we love sharing our love for fonts, don’t we?

And while I was at it… I just keep looking around at branding and stuff and just found some really cool typographic work… And those I would share a couple here today too…

source | source

Rebranding is quite a challenging exercise, but great too as you get to think about your brand, where you want to take it and how you want to be perceived… You see we are looking at some script fonts, but that’s only one aspect of the brand and I am not entirely sure yet that it will be the whole look we are going for…

Friday Fonts {5} – Simplicity

For this #FontFriday, I decided to talk about the choices I have made for my own wedding invitations. I went for fonts that were simple, a little vintage, and totally timeless. The idea was to create a ‘book’ (more a booklet) that could have been printed years ago. People really liked our invitations (oh, yeah! After the ordeal it was to design it, as I wanted to do it all myself!) so I think the hard work paid off.

Continue reading »

Friday Fonts {4}

This one doesn’t require words really. I thought this was hilarious and quite in theme with all the photo booths props popping around the event world. So this is my post dedicated to fonts and photo booth! Love!

Credits: Old Tom Foolery

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Font Friday {2}

Fonts is about typography and typography is about fonts.

Today, with a wedding in three weeks, I am running out of time to look for the font that inspired me. But I thought I’d give you something else, much much more important…

The Force of  Typography!

I am a Star Wars fan (yes you can be one of those and love pretty things too like fonts and weddings!) so this was JUST appropriate.

By Matteo Civaschi {typography Jedi} – via:

Friday Fonts – {1}

So, as you may have noticed already, a few of us on Twitter have a passion or maybe obsession with fonts. I am probably the only non-designer (by trade) of this little crazy group of women, yet, I am a confessed, self-proclaimed fontoholic.

For this first Friday Font I post today I thought it would be appropriate to just have a look through what I have in my font library and reveal my best font friend too: – although there are a lot of fonts that I LOVE and probably cost a lot of money, I can get my new-found-font fix from dafont. And there is always something new that has been submitted too.

So in my font library, you can find: Clarendon and Goudy Bookletter 1911; both of which I believe are really nice, old-school fonts that would work well to create an old book style writing.

And I thought I’d throw a little saying to accompany you on your Friday! Thanks Bobby!
Have a great weekend!

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