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So, I am not going to hide it: we are ‘re’-branding! (well, considering we never really branded… rebranding is a big word) – anyway, I was surfing the web the other night for fonts inspiration and I got an overload! A serious overload :) but a happy one!

I fell in love more than one and I have saved more than one option…

Here is a small selection of fonts I could be happy to buy: for branding or not-branding purpose… I will surely have to find a reason why not to buy any of those! haha!

Not that any of those will be used but what’s your favourite? Just out of interest… After all, we love sharing our love for fonts, don’t we?

And while I was at it… I just keep looking around at branding and stuff and just found some really cool typographic work… And those I would share a couple here today too…

source | source

Rebranding is quite a challenging exercise, but great too as you get to think about your brand, where you want to take it and how you want to be perceived… You see we are looking at some script fonts, but that’s only one aspect of the brand and I am not entirely sure yet that it will be the whole look we are going for…

8 thoughts on “Friday Fonts {6} – Research

    • Yes. Yes. Pick one. :) we’re looking for something retro yet modern and that it not just wedding like as we wish to do more filmmaking than just for weddings :) – so?

  1. EEK! I am so with you on retro yet modern fonts…I’m trying so hard to get a better font for the logo…its hard, some of the prettiest fonts just don’t work right with the letters. With that being said, i had an immediate liking to SAN REMO, for purely selfish reasons. I wish H+H would look as sexy as “Bubblerock” does. But for you, I think SUSA is just gorgeous. I love how it looks a bit bubbly, just a bit…since bubble is in the name. So i love both.
    yay! great selection.

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