Making Friwis {2} – The girls: Malou


So here we are: back to the wedding ‘debrief’. Today, it’s all about the girls: bridesmaids and best friends included… So brace yourself for a little photo overdose!

I am really lucky with the girls that I have around me (or far away: way too far away even). I have a great group of friends who showed us love and support along the way. But first, I will talk about the bridesmaids – or as we called them: the Demoiselles!

I chose every single one of them for different reasons. They all played an important part in my past, present and future; and they each represent those three ‘moments’ of my life. Malou is my past (and present and future, of course): she is my longest, oldest and best friend. Sarita: I met her in NZ and at the same time as I met Robin. She saw us grow as a couple. She is my present. And Lindsay. She is one of my newest friends and we got even closer through planning our wedding together. She is my future.

But for the first installment on the GIRLS – let’s focus on Malou.

Meet Malou (Pupuce | Malouloute | The Darling | French Maid): She’s been my best friend since we were 14! And hear this: she came to visit me back in 2005 in New Zealand when she was going through a rough patch in her life. I remember ‘warning’ her saying “my boyfriend [now husband] has this really cute [obviously] twin brother: he is single. You might like him” – 6 years later, she has now settled in New Zealand with Gareth and their two beautiful kids. See, it does not only happen in the movies. So you can understand why there was no other of my girls who I could ask to be my maid of honour! She means the world to me and has become officially my sister [which we’ve been secretly all along! Haha]

Seeing those pictures captured by Andre from Branco Prata and noticing how much she smiled makes me happy. Those are genuine smiles and I couldn’t wish for any better present from her on my wedding day. And on top of that: we had a great time.

But even more important is that I know I can count on her now, more than ever. She is an amazing woman, a fantastic mother, a great sister, and if I may say: my soul friend.

Meet Malou.

All photos by Andre Teixeira from Branco Prata

10 thoughts on “Making Friwis {2} – The girls: Malou

  1. oh thank goodness you answered that question for me – I had been seeing Malou and who I thought was your hubby in pics and I was so confused…yup, I’m that girl who never put together that perhaps there are two of them. How fun that your bestie became your sister! Beautiful.

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