Making Friwis – The Journey of a wedding {0}


/ Photo by Andre Teixeira – Branco Prata | Banner made by Malou + Gareth

So, we thought: now that we have the pictures from the amazing team of Branco Prata released to the world (Style Me Pretty Destination), it is time to reveal, debrief, talk, maybe bore you, overload you with our wedding planning, details, thoughts, ups and downs, and everything. Maybe amongst this series, you will find something to inspire you, something that gave you an insight, maybe even some learning,… if you take anything, no matter how small from the series of posts we are about to start, then I am happy.

There are many details to talk about, many people to mention and thank, many people and their work to feature and just simply for me, it is the opportunity to relive a day that went way too fast and that I wish I could live again.

/ Photo by Andre Teixeira – Branco Prata

It was fantastic. How could it not be? But it was a blur… And again, my first advice in this series would be: take the time to let it sink in, have someone dedicated to bring the day together on the day so you can focus on what’s important: you, your partner and the people around you. And again, get yourself a great photographer and filmmaker… You will not regret it… So, here we go, we are launching the series: Making Friwis – the journey of a wedding.

I hope to go around and thank every single people I can… And please, do let me know if I have forgotten to mention you: it won’t be intentional. I promise that much… I hope you enjoy the journey with me, like you have in the past few months prior to the big day.

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