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We have been so busy editing wedding films lately, that we totally pushed to the side some of the big announcements we wanted to make. But I cannot really wait any longer, the secret is killing me.

First things, first: have you seen yesterday’s trailer we posted on the blog… yes, Sophie and Michael! Those two are gorgeous in more ways than one and their trailer just gives you a little insight into one of the most thoughtful and emotional weddings we have ever been to. Do take the time to watch it, like it, comment on it, share it… we love to get some love.

So, onto some big news in the bubblerock world. 

Not long ago I hinted the fact that we were going to have some new addition to the team: well we do, and no it’s not a cat or a baby. (just in case!)…
Robin has officially handed in his notice at work (sadly in a way, it’s always difficult to leave somewhere you  love) – but this means he will be FULL TIME bubblerock – and that, my friends, is the biggest of deals. Scary, exciting, unthinkable, totally bananas (*wink wink* to Naomi). We will be a full time, husband and wife team, kicking some serious … you know.

Having Robin full time means we will be able to launch all those exciting projects we have been wanting to launch as well and it will be a great help in the editing front for me. It’s a long and hard season ahead of me still. But it also means, we will be able to do the other thing we love doing so much, and more freely: travel, go and meet those people around the world with those fantastic stories. We are true globetrotters.

The OTHER BIG NEWS is that we will be based in Europe this coming Northern Hemisphere summer. What THIS means is: we will be taking on jobs over in France (mainly) but around Europe and the Northern part of the World as well. On our way to France, we will be stopping by the West and East coasts of America and thought we’d offer some special deal to anyone who wishes to have us work for them. If you are interested to know more, do not hesitate to contact us! Our arrival date in San Francisco is on April 22, the departure planned from Boston Mid-May at this point. So get in touch!

En francais, ca veut dire que: bubblerock sera en Europe (a Bordeaux plus precisement) de Mai a Octobre… Alors ca si ce n’est pas une bonne nouvelle? Et ca veut bien dire que vous aurez acces a nos services en France, en Europe, et meme dans les Caraibes/Ile de la Reunion!.. Pincez-vous car vous ne revez pas. C’etait un peu un grand reve fou fou fou… Allez, je vous fais un blog post juste pour vous!

Whilst in France, we will be filming in the Provence (so excited!!!) and one big wedding in Toulouse <– cannot wait! We will also put our stamp on some fellow Kiwi-Australian’s wedding film: they are getting married near my hometown, Bordeaux! That’s going to be one beautiful, intimate wedding with no other than Bayly and Moore behind the photos!

We also have some other little projects in France, which hopefully will see us travel to Portugal and Sweden (and why not beyond).

So I guess, this is kind of a big one for us: WE ARE GOING TO FRANCE… oh, hello there French couples: let yourself be bubblerocked!

And last but NOT least, you might see a new look pop up a little bit everywhere soon… we are working with super talented designer, Stephanie Kunau to refresh ourselves a bit and refocus on who we are, how we look and what we really want to bring to this fun and beautiful World. More exciting times ahead…

Oh, and I was going to forget: we are also working with super cool Coralee and Alex on a little project. And when I say it’s cool, it’s an understatement. Here is a sneaky picture…

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    • Come on, do!! We will show you around… And there is much work to do in 2013 but it wouldn’t be as good if you didn’t help make 2012 finish with a bang x

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