Our wedding by Branco Prata on Style Me Pretty

So, here we go. We can show, talk, share anything and everything about the wedding now. To my own surprise (only a little), today we are featured on Style Me Pretty – well in fact, in the brand new Style Me Pretty Destination. And yes, it is kind of cool to be a part of a brand new initiative, especially to do with destination weddings.

I didn’t expect it and Robin probably won’t quite get it (boys!) but nothing of that wedding would have been possible without the on-going support of some key people on the day. From the best photographer and friend in town (well in fact in the world, as we flew them over…) Andre and Sofia of Branco Prata, to great vendors such as Kendall Van Rensburg (I loved my cake), Sarah from the Little White Dress, Margarida from Pano Pra Mangas (those clutches are so dear to my heart), the perfect venue, the amazing food (we had PAELLA!), and the best guests in attendance from New Zealand, Australia and the world… and so many more.

The day was perfect to us… Please go and have a look… :)

And while you are at it… Check out the film made at the time of the wedding (this is not the wedding film yet!) … It says it all about the vibe, love and support we were surrounded with.

[vimeo video_id=”20687526″ width=”560″ height=”313″ title=”No” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”ffffff”]

11 thoughts on “Our wedding by Branco Prata on Style Me Pretty

  1. WOW!! Steph, tu es juste MA-GNI-FI-QUE! Et votre mariage… un concentré de merveilles, de fun et d’émotions! Et que dire des photos? AMAZING!!! Ooh j’allais oublier… STYLE ME PRETTY!! WOW! :))

  2. Thank you everyone. Looking back at it, it really was a special day… And perfect in its imperfections…
    @Eleanor: that means a lot coming from someone I admire the work of.
    @Lena: you make me laugh, like crazy!
    @Julie: t’adore!
    @Jacin: love you friend
    @Sofia + Andre: no word can express how much I love you guys.

  3. This video is so special Steph! I was smiling throughout the entire thing. I can feel the love and friendship and your wedding looks like it was absolutely amazing. I’m so happy for you and Robin :)

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