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We have crafted wedding films for a while now and have been enjoying the ride. Every wedding to us is a new adventure, a new approach and a way to capture unique stories in a creative way. No wedding is the same, just as no couple shares the same story. It takes time and work to try and find that little something special to put together a film that is a true representation of not only the day but the couple too.

With Sophie and Michael, the connection happened straight away and we worked with them to understand a little more about who they are and what their wedding will be like, ahead of the day. I had high expectations about the day, I had been looking forward to it ever since Sophie first emailed us and I put a huge deal of pressure on us to make sure that we were going to do them justice. It went beyond all expectations I could ever have had: such a perfect day. Just like in every job we do, we just invest a lot of ourselves to bring that perfect experience and create something special. And I feel, I really do feel we have managed just that for Sophie and Michael.

In all honesty, the words that were spoken on the day and the moments we witnessed are what is making this wedding film; we just had to put it together the best we could to try and have all of it come across. From her father’s speech full of love to their vows to each other and their full-on declaration of love and commitment during the reception: I got teary on the job. And I got teary putting this together. And hearing the guests saying how thoughtful they thought Sophie and Michael’s wedding was and how special and honoured they feel to be a part of it: that was priceless.

I hope you enjoy watching this trailer as much as I enjoyed editing it. I hope we really manage to show you the depth of feelings, love, commitment and sweetness of these people, their family and the breathtaking location of their wedding.

And as her father said it so well:

Here’s to the Past for all that you have learned,
Here’s to the Present for all that you share
And here’s to the Future for all that you are looking forward to.

And do check out bubblerock‘s and Steph‘s instagram feeds for some sneaky images of the day. I just couldn’t help myself: I just snapped away in between filming gorgeous moments.
Jan Allen

How beautiful! I met Sophie through Facebook/Catster when she started posting about her Tortie Cat Misty. I thought what a wonderful person she is and we became friends even though I have never met her. I cannot imagine what she has gone through. I thought how wonderful it must be to have such a wonderful daughter. She is beautiful inside and out. May her life with Michael be blessed with happiness.

  • I knew I should have waited to watch this–I was already feeling emotional today, and this beautiful trailer has tears streaming down my face. Steph, this is beautiful–perfectly filmed, perfectly edited, perfectly true.

    • Your words, Lena, mean the world to me. If I had to be proud of only one piece of work ever, then I have done it. This gives us more motivation to continue to reach for what makes people so unique and special. Thank you for watching the trailer and for the time you took to give us such amazing feedback.

  • Oh boy – major tear! Cannot wait to see the full film…it sounds like they have a remarkable story to be told.
    PS – the third shot in, going down the track – genius.

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  • It is a little past 1:30AM where I live outside Chicago USA. I just woke up to get a small bite to eat. I saw some of the BEAUTIFUL pictures on Sophie’s facebook earlier but had skipped this trailer because I needed to sleep. I think I had a dream about her which is part of what prompted me to find the post again and watch this trailer at this hour. I know Sophie through our shared health struggles. As I am typing this from my phone in bed, tears are streaming down my face, as they did during the trailer. Though I have never met Sophie in person, I feel we are sisters. She is the first person I think of when it comes to others understanding how much my Oreo and Ginger mean to me. The captures of Michael and Jetty warm my heart as I know everyone special to Sophie was present, including Jetty. Misty looking down from Rainbow Bridge and so many friends like myself there in spirit who wish so strongly we could have been there physically too. But nonetheless, Sophie and Michael were still surrounded by Love, at the heart of it all, their shared Love as a couple. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this together. I know the full version will have me bawling, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • Kate. This is by far the most wonderful comment we have ever received here and I am so touched by your words. Trust me: we felt honoured to be a part of their day and have the task of telling their story. It will remain one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.
      Thank you for dropping by and watching this. It means the world to me.

  • I have both goosebumps and tears! This is utterly beautiful Steph and what a priceless gift to give a couple that seem and look to be made for each other. Best wishes to the two of them, and congratulations to you guys on a piece you can be exceptionally proud of! x

  • Wow. I am absolutely flabbergasted. That was such a gorgeous little snippet of this couple’s time, and it was captured perfectly. I was drawn in and didn’t move a muscle until it was finished… bravo; beautiful.

  • We can’t believe we haven’t commented on this already!

    Steph and Robin- Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day and our relationship so beautifully. You guys are AMAZING! :) Your work ethic and attention to detail is just phenomenal but we’re sure the main reason why you guys are the best is because you take the time to get to know the people you are filming. We felt so comfortable with you, but even more than that, we were just 100% confident that you would capture our love and the people we love perfectly because you got to know us as people.

    As other commenters have said, this trailer (and we know our full video will be too) is such a gift to us. It is so wonderful to have such great memories of our day that we can look back on forever.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! We so appreciate you and we are so grateful to now count you as friends too! :)


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