Sophie & Michael | Destination Wedding


We have crafted wedding films for a while now and have been enjoying the ride. Every wedding to us is a new adventure, a new approach and a way to capture unique stories in a creative way. No wedding is the same, just as no couple shares the same story. It takes time and work to try and find that little something special to put together a film that is a true representation of not only the day but the couple too.

With Sophie and Michael, the connection happened straight away and we worked with them to understand a little more about who they are and what their wedding will be like, ahead of the day. I had high expectations about the day, I had been looking forward to it ever since Sophie first emailed us and I put a huge deal of pressure on us to make sure that we were going to do them justice. It went beyond all expectations I could ever have had: such a perfect day. Just like in every job we do, we just invest a lot of ourselves to bring that perfect experience and create something special. And I feel, I really do feel we have managed just that for Sophie and Michael.

In all honesty, the words that were spoken on the day and the moments we witnessed are what is making this wedding film; we just had to put it together the best we could to try and have all of it come across. From her father’s speech full of love to their vows to each other and their full-on declaration of love and commitment during the reception: I got teary on the job. And I got teary putting this together. And hearing the guests saying how thoughtful they thought Sophie and Michael’s wedding was and how special and honoured they feel to be a part of it: that was priceless.

I hope you enjoy watching this trailer as much as I enjoyed editing it. I hope we really manage to show you the depth of feelings, love, commitment and sweetness of these people, their family and the breathtaking location of their wedding.

And as her father said it so well:

Here’s to the Past for all that you have learned,
Here’s to the Present for all that you share
And here’s to the Future for all that you are looking forward to.

And do check out bubblerock‘s and Steph‘s instagram feeds for some sneaky images of the day. I just couldn’t help myself: I just snapped away in between filming gorgeous moments.

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