Et le gagnant….


Tout d’abord merci beaucoup pour avoir participé avec nous a ce petit concours. Nous voulions vraiment fêter dignement le fait que nous faisions partie de Style Me Pretty et aussi que la France nous découvre un peu plus… Chose faite.

Je suis aussi soulagée de ne pas avoir été la personne choisissant parmi les participants. Comment aurais-je pu choisir? Tellement de super idées, de gens que je voudrais filmer, rencontrer et pour qui créer un petit film serait un tel plaisir. Donc merci pour ton choix et ton soutien (haha), je n’aurais jamais pu le faire sans toi. Et sachez au passage que j’aimerais bien être dans la mesure d’offrir a tous une session!!…

Alors, voici la gagnante de notre concours:  Célia. En fait, ce n’est pas elle la vraie gagnante, elle nominait ses amis Elise et Hadrien (et leur bébé bientot arrivé) pour la session (c’est quand même adorable) donc Célia, envoie nous un petit email pour que l’on discute du comment/quand et quoi avec toi et sans doute tes amis :)

Notre voyage en France cette fois ci sera un peu court pour pouvoir offrir a tout le monde une opportunité de faire quelque chose avec nous et croyez-moi, j’en suis la première triste. J’aimerais tellement donner la possibilité a quelqu’un d’autre de gagner… Mais Random a parlé, le gagnant désigné… et il est temps de se mettre au travail donc!

INFO IMPORTANTE: si Elise et Hadrien ne peuvent pas faire la session pour raison tout a fait valide de leur part (on ne peut pas s’arranger sur le lieu ou la période sur laquelle nous sommes dans le-dit lieu, ou tout simplement ils ne veulent plus faire la session…) – un nouveau tirage au sort sera effectué.


Comme il n’y a jamais de perdants, n’hésitez pas a nous contacter si vous désirez une chance de faire votre petit film ou une séance photo. Si on arrive a se donner une date qui marche pour tout le monde et on arrive a ajouter ca a notre planning chargé en France, on serait content d’offrir un petit ‘discount’ a nos participants: pour vous remercier d’avoir pris le temps de vous arreter sur notre site!! Alors contactez-nous!!

And the NZ winner is…


First and foremost: thank you all for participating. There were some really awesome ideas in there which makes choosing three wildcards near impossible!! But I will manage!!

However, the has spoken and it’s entry number #5 that made it: Andrea and Jiarn have won themselves a little film shoot!! Congratulations your guys.
Make sure to go and check their entry. It was such a nice poem and I am guessing they are keen for some old Hollywood glamour in their little film.
Andrea and Jiarn, make sure to email me so we can start discussing details!

BUT, I told you guys I wanted to have some wildcards (the day I posted the blog post, I think I was in a good mood!)… so without further ado, here are my wildcards and it’s been hard to choose. REALLY hard. But I had to.

WILDCARD entries are – #1 Greer | #3 Samantha  | #7 Melissa

I have created three images on our facebook page for each of those three wildcards with their little story. The picture that gets more likes on Facebook by Monday 25th June at 12pm is our second winner!!! Super simple!…

For those who didn’t win or didn’t get a second chance, please make sure to email me. We never know, maybe we can work something out with you to thank you for participating. We never know. If those projects are important to you, they will be to us!

And thank you again for your continuous support and everything. It means the world to us!!!

Giveaway Time, New Zealand!


So we feel like celebrating, movie-style. With yesterday’s post announcing being a part of the Little  Black Book on Style Me Pretty, we wanted to show our excitement with a little film giveaway… We love making films, it is the core of what bubblerock is about. Weddings are one thing, but we can/want/do  much more so don’t hesitate to participate.

Coralee & Alex | The Short. Both already married but never had a film about them so off we went and we made this little gem.


A 2-hour film session with us resulting in a 2min film. Anything goes really – Save The Date film, an little adventure film (we  go off, do something fun and film it!), an engagement film, a waiting-for-baby film, a newborn film, … you  name it, we can do it. Although mostly engaged couples get in touch with us, we wanted to make it open to all because there is so much fun and great moments to capture in life. There are so many memories worth capturing. Like, you may even want to make a small film to send to overseas family, to surprise a friend with, or just to have fun. The only thing we wouldn’t do is a full-on promotional piece or R18! (Had to put it in there!)


Comment below on this post with what you would like to have your film for and what it would mean to you.
Please make sure to start your post with the word “ENTRY” so I know it is an entry as opposed to just a comment (I do get people just commenting because they want to show support!). Then you are in the draw. Yep, that’s that simple.

Each comment will be assigned a number and on Friday 22 June, we will draw a winner randomly thanks to and announce it here on the blog and over on Facebook.
But wait: that’s not all. There will be a WILDCARD too. I will post three of my favourite ideas for a film on Facebook on that same Friday and have people vote over there. The one with the most likes by Monday 25th June at midday (NZ time) will ALSO get a chance to have a film done. So TWO chances to win: we are that happy about the Little Black Book thing!

Tiana & Gavin | Engagement Film. Yes! In a laundromat. How fun!

RULES. We all need some.

They are pretty basic but they do exist.

  1. The session will have to be booked according to our schedule/bookings; a paying client having priority.
  2. It is only one session of up to 2 hours (we cannot split the session)
  3. Any additional expenses such as but not limited to props, entry fees, transport fees, accommodation, … will be at the winner’s charge.
  4. Super8 film will incur extra costs for buying stock and processing the film but it is an option
  5. Open to NZ only UNLESS you feel like flying us wherever you are based :)
  6. Cannot be exchanged for cash or use to discount our current packages.

So don’t limit your imagination. There is so much we can do with a good idea, a bit of work, some fun times and a good reason! Let’s get on with it!

I am looking forward to lots and lots of ideas out there. Now, let’s get commenting!

And… it’s GIVEAWAY time!


We have just ‘built’ a new desk for our office making it all that little bit more serious and real. We are creating a really nice and fun space to welcome clients in our own home and I am super excited about that.

So excited even that I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY… We need to be inspired by you guys on what to put on one of our bare white walls. That’s where you come in… We would like to hear your comments on what we should have on our wall: cool decal (which one!), a great image (which one!), a poster!…

And the winner  will get from us the suggested item you chose for us… (to a maximum value of $50)

So how to participate – Continue reading »