A wander in Paris


Over the last few months, we have increasingly been passionate about film photography and since leaving New Zealand in April, we have almost only taken photographs on film when we were out and about and for personal projects. It’s been so rewarding and exciting, and a tad nerve-wracking! But we couldn’t be happier with the results: the pictures, the light, the composition and the great work from our Spanish Lab: Carmencita. They have been incredible. From the development process through the scans, the colours, the feel, the tones, the grain: it’s all been amazing and this crazy and scary journey is totally turning into some kind of obsession.

We are more and more shooting film on jobs too becoming hybrid shooters and taking both digital and film images. What an adventure this is but it is so in synch with who we are as people and as a business. It’s about the authenticity of images, it’s about a picture or filming a movie as raw as possible. It’s about the journey, the people, the details that make the story what it is. It’s being fully involved with our surroundings & the people we photograph or film, in the most genuine of ways, yet still keeping our distances at times to let it unfold when it is important to do so.

Bubblerock truly excites us more and more as we go further in our experience as business owners and artists.
























Sweet black and white


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a crazy black and white fan!!!… It just easily gives a timeless stamp on your photos when they suit the black and white… Every photo doesn’t work in black and white, but when it does: wow.

Just wanted to share some of my favourite shots we recently snapped: on the job or just because.


Meet Jayda

We had the opportunity to catch up with our little cousins and their beautiful baby Jayda and in just 10 minutes, we managed to capture some really cute photos of the new family and we are so excited about sharing them here. They are all going to be a pleasure to photograph in the next few years… That’s for sure.

She has the biggest blue eyes and even if she wasn’t so keen for some photos and just wanted to go to sleep, I am so thrilled I captured a couple of good moments between Jayda and her parents.

Just two months old, Jayda has already got so much character and yet is just a sweet little one… No wonder I totally fell for her… A beautiful baby.

And I will leave you with my favourite picture and I believe one that they will really treasure for years to come… Jayda and mum having a moment together… Beautiful, if I may say so myself.

Thank you Josh, Alisha and Jayda for letting us take a few photos of the gorgeous family that you are and welcome Jayda to one crazy family!

All photos by bubblerock studios.

Auckland portrait session

I don’t post very often lately but I could not pass the opportunity of sharing a recent shoot we have done in Auckland. Mumu and Xtel are two friends from Tahiti and they both live and study in New Zealand.

Both booked us through the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal promo we did; all the proceeds went to the Red Cross to help with the relief work in the South Island’s city.

I hope you enjoy this fresh and fun shoot.

Photos of my cats

Feeling a little under the weather today: must be the change in seasons. It always comes with headaches, sore throat and such… So, it was a Sunday at home, lazing about for us and I don’t quite remember the last time it happened.

I have to admit I could not quite drop the camera though and we had fun taking pics of our best friends: Indy and Pichu.

One of the two cats is seriously more photogenic (or just easier to take a picture of for two reasons: he never moves and he is white!) – so please meet Indy and Pichu, from Bubblerock Studios.

So I said earlier that one of the two cats is easier to photograph. Well, the truth is: he is a lazy cat. He likes to sleep, a lot. He doesn’t really want to go out unless he really has to and he always has this look on his face: a mix between “I’m cool!”, “I’m grumpy”, “I can’t be bothered right now”. We love him. Beside, he absolutely LOVE being brushed. I think we are clearly mistaken on who’s boss here!

Faces of America

I wish we had the opportunity to take more photos of people when we were in the US of A as we met or got to see some amazing and colourful characters. And you get this urge to take a photo.

We thought we would share just a few with you…

It must be from living in a small country (we only have around 4million people living in New Zealand) but I was just spoilt for choice when it came to take pictures of people and I had had just that bit more courage, I would have come back with tons of photos of quite stunning and interesting people. There is always next time.

And Venice Beach is certainly one of the craziest places I know and photo opportunities were at every single step, corner, shop, … everywhere.

We are on Valley & Co

… and I am thrilled to be sharing this shoot with you all over there. Kendall is such a beautiful girl and lovely soul. Go over to Valley & Co’s lifestyle blog to see a little photo shoot we had over there. Thanks Aleah and Nick for your awesome support and belief in me! I cannot say how much it means to me.

OK, now people, go over to see the post!

Fighting the cold

Well, this weekend it will be cold and rainy. That’s the plan. BUT, we will also get our new 5D on Saturday and I am planning on taking it out for a test drive. Oh yeah!

So, here is my inspiration. The only thing I may miss in Auckland: the snow… And by the way, I totally love that first look… So me. I may have to go and buy  myself a ridiculously large scarf and some warm socks. Love, love this look!

Besides, I love the colour choices in the processing of these images. They really do inspire me. Wish me luck on my photographic adventure this weekend!

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