INTRODUCING // White Rabbit Ink


Before we get to share their film with you, we wanted to show you who White Rabbit Ink is through a handful of images we photographed of their former studio space. Last March, the team was told they had three weeks to move out of their amazing space as promoters were taking over the area to build a new building. Both Ace and Lusi put some much of themselves into creating a nest where they would let their creativity flow and welcome their clients in a relaxing and meaningful environment.

This is why we came onboard. We were asked to film a short piece for them to remember their space by as much as to celebrate what they had achieved. With the next space and idea in mind, those two just didn’t let the bad news stop them and saw it as a new beginning.

What we loved about them and their business was that they weren’t your cliche tattoo parlour: the place is full of light, relaxing music, fun little objects and so many plants. It was a space you just feel good to hang out in: that is quite appropriate we feel when you are about to ink your skin, forever.

So until we can share more, have a peek into their world through our little #bubblerockinmotion teaser and some images shot on film.



Oh and did we mention the fact they love Alice in Wonderland? Yes, I guess you can see that, a little.




April Stuff-50


Film photos developped and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.

introducing // Fanny


Before we left France, we helped organise and then shot one last shoot with a bunch crazy cool kids. A part of the shoot in the morning ended up being a little portrait/boudoir shoot of Fanny. She is not only a talented photographer herself but also a gorgeous girl who was kind enough to let us put her in front of our lens.

It’s quite fun to photograph someone with no set up and keeping things super simple. The results can sometimes be surprising because of how cool it turns out. I challenge you to try for yourself.












 Photography – bubblerock
Film Lab – Carmencita Film Lab
Styling + flowers – Quelque Chose de Bleu
Make Up – Johan Yvon
Hair – Brigitte Garcia
Model – Fanny D.
Location – Dordogne, France

Sri Lanka engagement


Back in August, we got to travel half way across the world to photograph Sachi and Dinali’s Sri Lankan wedding in Colombo. Before we go any further, let me tell you that it was an adventure of its own getting there: between delayed flights, missed connections, and lost luggages, this trip challenged us more than we would have thought but it was all worth it!


One of the things we got to do when we first met Dinali and Sachi was their engagement shoot. We had just arrived the night before and woke up at 3.30am for a 3-hr drive to get to a beach at sunrise. At first, we had looked on the map and the location wasn’t that far but it wasn’t taking into consideration the traffic jams and slow roads we would be travelling on: so off we went, early birds, down to a beach south of Colombo.



The coastline in the area is very build up so it is rather impressive to us to have images looking so wild. They both are originally from Sri Lanka and have lived in both New Zealand and Australia forever so it was quite special to them to have those images shot in their home country. And it makes for rather unique images too.




August is monsoon season too, so it is fair to say we had rather bad weather and the sun didn’t quite break out the way we hoped for but I guess it gives that little extra mystery to their shoot. Not that the rain ever phased those two, as you can tell from other images we shot during our stay in Sri Lanka. You can see those in our online gallery HERE. And you will see how they embraced the pouring rain!





And this week, we are off to Australia to film their wedding celebration & reception with family + friends who couldn’t make the trip to Sri Lanka. It will be a great way for us to conclude what has been an incredible year 2014, working & visiting in 11 countries, taking over 40 flights, and travelling many kilometres on land, sea and in the air.



oh! And… you know how we love double exposures, right?



All shot on film. Fuji Pro400h. Dev+scan by Carmencita Film Lab.
More images on their gallery HERE.

A wander in Paris


Over the last few months, we have increasingly been passionate about film photography and since leaving New Zealand in April, we have almost only taken photographs on film when we were out and about and for personal projects. It’s been so rewarding and exciting, and a tad nerve-wracking! But we couldn’t be happier with the results: the pictures, the light, the composition and the great work from our Spanish Lab: Carmencita. They have been incredible. From the development process through the scans, the colours, the feel, the tones, the grain: it’s all been amazing and this crazy and scary journey is totally turning into some kind of obsession.

We are more and more shooting film on jobs too becoming hybrid shooters and taking both digital and film images. What an adventure this is but it is so in synch with who we are as people and as a business. It’s about the authenticity of images, it’s about a picture or filming a movie as raw as possible. It’s about the journey, the people, the details that make the story what it is. It’s being fully involved with our surroundings & the people we photograph or film, in the most genuine of ways, yet still keeping our distances at times to let it unfold when it is important to do so.

Bubblerock truly excites us more and more as we go further in our experience as business owners and artists.
























Sweet black and white


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a crazy black and white fan!!!… It just easily gives a timeless stamp on your photos when they suit the black and white… Every photo doesn’t work in black and white, but when it does: wow.

Just wanted to share some of my favourite shots we recently snapped: on the job or just because.