we are bubblerock.



authentic adjective \ə-ˈthen-tik, -\– real or genuine. true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.

The idea of authenticity is becoming so popular again. Many people around us long for genuine connections, honest and real moments to experience, living with intentions; and you know what? It is so good. Authenticity is one of our most important values; a philosophy we live and breathe at home just as much as with bubblerock.

When you believe that #realliferocks, you see a great story in everything that surrounds us: from a life-event to pursuing a passion, from our insecurities to our successes. Everyone has a story to tell. Every place has a secret to reveal. Every product stemmed from an idea that we want to know about.

For years now bubblerock has given us the opportunity to travel the World and meet incredible people with fantastic yet everyday stories that make life so real.

And being authentic has never meant so much.


Steph aka Bubble

Founder & Woot Master

Born on a tiny island off the coast of Africa, the token French of the team caught the travel bug early on and believes to be a true citizen of the world calling many places “home”. Serve her a cosmo, she’ll smile; bring her to the sea, she’ll be happy. Lover of a good laugh with friends, she admits a slight obsession for Dave Grohl but what really makes her tick: people!

Robin aka Rock

Founder & Bearded Guru

Robin started his creative career with music; he has been a part of rock bands since he was a teenager. He then moved to photography & film since meeting Steph who he also shares the love of travels with. The reason bubblerock has been such an exciting journey for him can probably be linked to his other passions for History and anthropology. You won’t see him far from his Les Paul guitar though it’s OK to leave it at home when we are off jetskiing in the Carribean. Right?